GIRLS. It’s finally here! You’ve been asking about my start necklace and lightning bolt necklace since the beginning of the summer and now you can finally have it. It will one of those pieces you never want to take off! Plus, if you’ve watched my stories 25% of the proceeds are going to Global Empowerment Mission because the Bahamas hold such dear place in my heart.

Lightning Bolt Necklace – 10k Gold ($265.00USD)

When your look needs a little spark, add this electrifying necklace! Fabulous as your top layer, this necklace pairs perfectly with the Multi Star Necklace!

10k solid gold

15″ plus 1″ extender

Lightning bolt measures 13mm in length

Made in Italy 


Multi Star Necklace – 10k Gold ($275.00 USD)

Tiny gold stars scatter across your collarbone in this delicate yet eye-catching necklace. Layers perfectly with the Lightning Bolt Necklace!

10k solid gold

16″ plus 2″ extender

Stars measure 4mm wide

Made in Italy

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September 6, 2019



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LOVE the necklaces! Just curious, will the necklaces become available in silver? Thank you! XOXO


Sounds good, I will keep my eyes on them just in case 🙂 Thank you! XOXO

Geralin Franchina

Thank you so so much for donating some of the proceeds of the necklaces to the hurricane relief effort through #bstrong!!!
You are AMAZING!!⭐️❤️⚡️


I need the gold chain deets that you wore in PARIS with the Star necklace. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Love these! I’m still patiently waiting for the Landyn gold bangles! I purchased one and love it! I want 2 more! Will they be available soon?


Wondering if you can get the necklace longer?

Caycee James Lee

Some of us have “thicker necks” and 16 w/ 2 inch extender still makes a necklace AVERAGE. Please include the rest of us, the majority of women who are over a size 14 !!!!!! Perhaps sell just an extender ( nice , classy ones can be VERY hard to find ) so us “American average size ladies” can enjoy your stuff. I so want to LOVE WHAT LANDYN recommendations and sells, but it is very difficult when what you sell or promote are things/clothes that just don’t fit MOST of us. Example: VICI Have you noticed their sizes? And when… Read more »

Mia Jerva

Would love this necklace for my daughter but $200+ is more than I can spend for a 21 year old just finishing nursing school. Any chance you may do these in a less expensive version?

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