Talk about a week 🙌🏻 Like jet setting to Paris wasn’t enough to make a girl pinch herself *over and over and over*, then arriving home last night to find the latest issue of @sophisticatedliving_nashville MAGAZINE in my mailbox with MY FACE on the COVER!?? I mean, my heart can’t take much more. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy of all these wonderful things happening in my life. But my sweet mama reminds me, that life is a boomerang and you get back what you put out there✨I’m starting to believe it. I love what i’m doing so much and i’m extremely grateful of every opportunity that has come my way ♥️THANK YOU @sophisticatedliving_nashville for choosing this 40 something mom of two and letting her play model for a day. I’ve never experienced anything like it and i’ll never forget it. It took a village and I want to thank everyone involved: 📸: @sebsmithmedia 🎥: @anneclairepatterson 💄: @lnlitz 👗: @laciethorne @gusmayernashville@theshowroomnashville 🛋: @pleasebeseatedrentals 📄: @gloria.houghland
If you’re in Nashville, check your mailbox or look for it at your doctors office, or while you’re getting your oil changed at the dealership. Ha! Otherwise you can read the entire article and see all the fun photos 👉🏻 www.

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September 13, 2019

Sophisticated Living


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