This recipes comes to you from the big guy himself. He’s a BIG time lover of chicken wings, always has been, always will be. It’s one of our beloved foods to create new recipes with, not to mention what a great thing wings are to make for a crowd. Everyone loves wings. Recently I was asked by one of our go-to seasoning companies, Spiceology to curate a gift pack of my favorites. I gotta tell ya that was a hard one. We must own every blend they make. Ha! Not kidding. Have you seen my stories? And the #SHITSTEVEBUYS on his new page, Steve Says.

Quick backstory: Spiceology was a brand that Steve came across on Instagram over a year ago and quickly became OBSESSED. I swear if he could, he’d open a restaurant. Honestly, he should. He’s such a good cook and really enjoys it. I’m lucky enough to reap the benefits nightly. Just give this man an ice cold beer, a grill, some meat and he’s happy. He ordered one, that quickly became three and so on… we are now ready for anything and any flavor our hearts are craving.

So, how did we pick? Well, we went over it for a while and came up with four blends that we use the most and really felt would give everyone a good taste of who Spiceology is. A super cool chef owned and operated company all about innovative flavor, killer package design, and top notch ingredients. They offer over 200 spices, blends, herbs, chiles, salts. You can really taste the difference. We settled on GREEK FREAK – great on salmon & veggies + CHILE MARGARITA – for one, that’s my favorite drink and I love the citrus in this one, so everything + KOREAN BBQ – this on anything really, it’s my jam for ribs (and not available for individual sale) NASHVILLE HOT one of their new and exclusive flavors we’ve been able to enjoy and now it’s available to the world, exclusively in the Landyn’s Favorites gift pack! WHAT?!?! I’m so excited! It’s one of Nashville’s claim to fame and now no matter where you live you can enjoy too. Also they’ve created a promo code that you can use on your entire purchase, now or anytime- LANDYN10 I can’t wait for you all to experience these! Here’s a great recipe to start with. Super simple, it’s all about the seasoning people.

Landyn + Steve






  • 5 lbs chicken wings
  • Nashville Hot Spiceology seasoning


  1. Set up grill for indirect heat and preheat to 400°.
  2. Put wings in bowl and toss to coat with seasoning.
  3. Set wings on grill opposite coals and cook for roughly 30 minutes.
  4. Transfer wings over coals and cook over direct heat for 15 seconds and then turn over and cook for another 15 seconds.
  5. That gives them crisp finish. That’s it.

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June 3, 2019



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I’m a single girl and i don’t have a grill, but I missed grilled foods. Should I just go for it and get a grill anyway??? Thoughts?

Reply to  Carol

Girlfriend, GO. FOR. IT. You got this.


Landyn, thanks for all the things! Are these hothot? Loving idea for Father’s Day but we don’t want too much heat!

Reply to  Cathy

Hey girl! Not hot hot but definitely has a little kick to them. I promise, it’s worth it.

Cortney Patrick

Do you guys use a Traeger grill?

Cortney Patrick
Reply to  livingwithland

I love them! It’s the first grill I’ve ever been able to use- probably bc I can connect it to my phone. We have the camping size one as well that’s handy. Have you every tried Dizzy Pig seasonings? From one grilling family to another – it’s a must try


YAY! They were definitely a hit with our family. Thanks for the tip girlfriend!

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Landyn's Favorites


Landyn's Favorites

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