Bonjour Ladies! I don’t even know where to start? So, let’s just start from the beginning. It was a Thursday and I was on my way to Luke’s football game, I got there early and was sitting in my car and decided to check a few emails. That’s when I opened an email, the subject line read: Taylor Swift Paris Opportunity it was from a brand partnership company working with Lenovo on Taylor Swifts City of Lover Show. It said and I quote, “ Lenovo, the presenting sponsor of Taylor Swift’s ‘City of Lover’ concert in Paris, would like to invite you to take the trip of a lifetime to experience this event on Sept 9! Lenovo will fly you to Paris and take care of your accommodations”  As you can imagine, I was like WHAT?!? Anne Claire about the same time I finished the email called me  and she never calls me after 4pm unless it’s an emergency. She said, LANDYN DID YOU SEE YOUR EMAIL?!?! WE BOTH FREAKED OUT. She immediately started researching the company to see if this was a scam. It was really too good to be true. I mean come on?!! There was no way…FLY ME TO PARIS? TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT?!? IN 8 DAYS?!?


We took a call with them the very next day to get all the details and it was indeed TRUE. It then took a few days to get travel and hotel booked. And in a few short days we were on a plane to Paris. I still can’t really believe it, even as I type this on the plane flight home from what might have been the best trip ever. Alright, let’s fast forward through me packing franticly the night before/morning of (let’s not forget all that week I had been unpacking boxes and getting the store ready to open, not the ideal time to be away. Thankfully, Megan my store manager is  totally capable of holding down the fort along with a few newly hired ladies) Plus through it all, I wasn’t allowed to speak a word of this trip until 2 days before we left. The whole thing was crazy. I still was having a hard time believing it was really happening. Why me? How did they choose the 5? Of all the people in the world? Me?

We arrived in Paris at CDG airport at 6am after an 8 hour flight connecting through Atlanta. Flight was pretty good. Slept a little on and off. Watched a few movies- The Devil Wears Prada, The Notebook, Jackie and a few episodes of The Act (that shiz is crazy btw) We planned on powering though and taking advantage of arriving early that day. Of course our room wasn’t ready, but they were kind enough to let us use the spa bathroom and changing area. Luckily it was so early that we had the bathroom to ourselves. We showered off, put on some makeup, threw a few curls in our hair and changed our clothes. They held our luggage and we headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast and some much needed coffee.

We both ordered the poached eggs, tomatoes, sliced avocado and croissants. Drank two delicious cappuccinos and that’s the we had our Hugh Grant sighting. I saw him from afar and was like, gosh he looks familiar? Yep, sure enough it was. Looking good as he ’s aging in case any of you were wondering. With a beautiful french woman on his arm. Is he married? She didn’t look like his wife from the google pictures, but what do I know I could have been suffering from jet lag? As we went up to the front desk, they were standing next to me checking out. I know, I know…why didn’t I ask for a picture? Then the walked through those revolving doors and into his Lamborghini and sped off. Not bad for our first two hours in Paris.

Next we were off to see this beautiful city. Anne Claire had been once for the day when she was 19 and I had never been at 42, so there we were, two blonde girls off to explore and soak it all in.  Now, I’m sure most of you were following along and glued to my instastories during those 5 days. If not, I saved all of it to my highlights | p a r i s |  & | p a r i s  2 | If you want to go back and watch or remember some of the places we went, ate or visited you’ll have it to refer to. Now, I’m not going to bore you with a full play-by-play, so I’ll break it down by where we stayed, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, great places for drinks, cute streets, charming neighborhoods, what we wore and more. *Note* We didn’t get to visit all of the places listed below, but everything was highly recommended and what we did do was perfect.



La Jacobine 
La Pizzetta Piu Grande 
A la Chataigne
L’Eclair de Genie
Chez L’ami Louis
Le Corte
Carette Paris
Jules Verne
Hollybelly 5
Boot Cafe


Hotel Costes
Le Syndicat
Hote Raphael
Le Bar


Jules Verne
River cruise on Seine
Tuileries Gardens
Eiffel Tower



Le Marais area
St. Germain area
1st & 2nd Arrondissment
Hotel De Sers
George V
Hotel De Crillion



Le Marais District (kinda like soho area with great boutiques)
galleries LaFayette (chic department store)
Rue Saint Honoré (like rodeo drive)
the original Chanel store






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September 17, 2019



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Just found you through Mallory Ervin’s podcast!!! I started a blog s year ago (finally had the strength to share it two weeks ago) any support would be so appreciated (if you like my content, of course!). I listen to Mallory’s podcast every Monday (as long as I am not at the hospital) and finding your inspirational words have brought me to find your blog. I will be subscribing! Have a great rest of your day!

Reply to  Andrea

Hey girl! Well welcome to Living With Landyn ! We have a ton of fun over here, so glad you’re following along!


Hey Landyn! Thank you for sharing, I am so glad that you girls had the best time! How awesome is it that you were picked! Do you know where Anne Claire’s black leather dress is from that she wore in Paris? 🙂

Reply to  MaryLou

Hi Mary Lou! It’s actually a black skirt (shop living with landyn 😉 ) And then a body suit! The body suit is linked in the post!


Love love love! Did you ever have issues with pickpocketing or feel unsafe in any capacity? We have our first girls Paris trip planned for March! So excited!! Can’t wait to try out all the places you mentioned 🙂

Reply to  Layne

NOT AT ALL. Though we were definitely cautious, but felt safe the whole time we were there. Honestly, we pretty much walked everywhere and it was a breeze!

Pam Chappell

WOW! Such an exciting time for you. I can only imagine how you must have felt being chosen for this magical experience. As I’m reading your post it’s the day after the podcast. This is a perfect example of what you put out into the universe comes back to you. You’re the real deal Landyn and I/we are better because of your example of what a truly beautiful woman is. Thanks for being you. 😘💗

Reply to  Pam Chappell

PAM! You’ve got me tearing up over here. Thank you so much! None of this would be possible without women like YOU. love you. mean it.

Paris is my FAVORITE!!! I’m still in shock that you got to see Taylor Swift there! You’ll have to go back and snap secret photos of all the street fashion! Next time! 😉

Reply to  Tiffany

oh girl, I already want to start planning my next trip there.


Paris is just magical. I’m so happy you go to go! Sadly, Colette (shopping) closed it’s doors in 2017. It was an icon.


Where did you get your cute floppy hat in the beginning of the clip?

Reply to  Christina

It’s from Michael Stars a few years ago. This one is similar:


What did you wear those cream boots with?

Reply to  Dawn

Anne Claire wore them with the long free people dress!


Hi! My family is going to Paris in November and I am hoping to eat at the restaurant that gave you the great view of the Eiffel Tower at night. Can you tell me what restaurant that is specifically. Thanks.

Reply to  hayley

It was Café de l’Homme ! Make sure you snag a reservation, it was beautiful at night.


Love everything about this post, Paris looked like a dream!! Did you post where your tan sandals are from the one with the gorgeous bronze(ish) dress and leather jacket?

Reply to  Tara

It was a DREAM. They were actually sole society from a few years ago- they’re my favorite ever. The dress was from VICI: (LWL25) leather jacket, it’s from awhile ago, I think it’s current Elliot


Love your style. Where are the black pants and white tank you wore on the plane to Paris from?

Reply to  Rhiannon

Hey girl!
Here are the pants:
The tank top is actually an old Madewell tank top! But I love this one:

It was actually perfect for traveling!


Where was your denim black studded jacket from that you wore over the gold dress ? 🙂

Reply to  Emmalee

hey girl! It’s from awhile ago, I think it’s current Elliot

Jenny 💕

Looks like Paris was such a dream! Can you share where Anne Claire’s sequin dress is from? Thanks so much!

Reply to  Jenny 💕

it WAS a dream! Here you go!

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