You’ve heard it ALL the past week – but I just had the most incredible breast agumentatio. You can get all the details here from my instagram highlights 🙌🏼  Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more in depth share soon – maybe a podcast episode?! I think so. I did want to link a few of my favorite products and what has been really helping me recover – whether you are recovering yourself or maybe know a girlfriend, I hope you find this helpful – I’ll list a few things below!



My wedge pillow that helped me sleep like a BABY

This lip mask that I put on every night – it never leaves my nightstand

Because who really wants to wear a hot pink + teal bra – these neutral recovery bras are awesome!

This cream to help with swelling, pain + scarring

I’ve carried this blanket around like a toddler 🤣

A sweat set from Target that I’ve been living in (the jacket color is called GREY + I wear a MEDIUM – the jogger color is PEWTER + I wear a SMALL)

The alarm clock that keeps me sleeping sound + wakes me up with ease

This cozy set that is worth all the hype


January 21, 2022



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