DING DONG! Are you hearing wedding bells? Today I’m chatting about all things WEDDING. Ever since I was super young, I loved weddings and buying wedding magazines. Martha Stewart was THE QUEEN. I loved the flowers, the favors, the food…all the things! My own wedding was in 2002 in Miami. Ya know, if it was good enough for JLo, it was good enough for me! 

I will quickly say that my heart goes out to you if your plans have been impacted by the state of the world right now. It will all work out! So, whether you’re getting married or planning one for your kids or looking for the perfect wedding gift, I tried to answer all of your burning questions. Including:

  • Did you know what my wedding colors were? I go over ALLL of the details + the ups and downs of planning it.
  • How I would do a wedding now if I could do it again (Hint: Simplicity rules!)
  • Wedding registry 101: Putting together a smart registry with pieces that can last for years.

I really had fun reminiscing and dreaming of Steve and I doing it again someday. Enjoy!

Love you. Mean it.



  • You don’t really need table linens or china in my opinion. If you do get china, keep it SUPER simple or all white.
  • Register in all different prices points so there’s a little something for everyone.
  • Keep your wedding list, it becomes your xmas card list for years to come!
  • Make sure you get a wedding video, I regret not doing that.
  • My cake was from Anna Paz Cakes in Miami.
  • My reception was at Miami Lakes Golf Club.
  • I have an older post with wedding tips here too!
  • I have a post with my favorite kitchen tools here.




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August 14, 2020

Ep 26 Wedding Q&A: Landyn’s Wedding + The Ultimate Registry


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Leslie Gossett

I registered for a dyson vacuum. A few family members went in on it. And my husband registered for a shop vac and he had family go in on it!!!!! We still laugh to this day (10 years later) that we both got vacuums!!! As far as China goes. My grandmother gifted me her set (white and silver) and I could not ask for some better. Oh and my husband registered for hand tools since he didn’t have any!!!

Leslie Gossett

It was so cute we walked into Sears and he went straight to the wrenches and screwdrivers!! I went to mixers and vacuums!!!!!


My only regret from my wedding was no video!
Spend the money it seems like a lot at the time but 100% worth it.

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