Hello summer! It’s sweet corn season! There are probably hundreds of ways to cook sweet corn. But my hands down favorite is grilled with the husk on. It’s a little messy, but the husks and silk protect the corn from the direct heat of the grill, so it both steams and roasts it in its own juices, which really makes for the best corn on the cob.

A few tips… buy the freshest corn you can find- look for a full, heavy ears with tight and bright green husks. Throw those babies on the grill. It’s the perfect side for any summer dinner and a crowd pleaser!





  • ears of corn (amount depends on how many you're feeding)
  • butter
  • salt


  1. Heat your grill to 500°, you'll be using direct fire.
  2. Soak ears of corn in cold water for about 30 minutes. I use my kitchen sink.
  3. Trim the ears by removing the outer husks until you have just a few pale green layers left.
  4. Leave the silk around the corn and remove any excess silk on the end. I just cut everything past the end of the cob with kitchen scissors.
  5. Trim the stalks leaving just an inch or so at the end to use as a handle.
  6. When the grill is ready, arrange the ears directly on the grate and cook, turning every couple of minutes, until the husks are charred and blackened (and sometimes on fire), about 10-15 minutes.
  7. To remove the husks, hold the ear upright by the stalk (use a kitchen towel or insulated food gloves to keep from burning yourself) and peel it like a banana – pulling the husks down around the stem.
  8. Then put them back on the grill for an additional 10-12 minutes, turning them every 2 minutes. You are wanting to get a little char on the kernels.
  9. Remove, salt & butter immediately. So good with my Chile Margarita butter recipe.

June 12, 2019



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