This cake is literally ALL THE THINGS. When we were in the Bahamas, Uncle Adam kept raving about his favorite thing ever, which was this Oreo ice cream cake that his mom used to make him when they were celebrating some event.. I feel like we all have that dish our mom made us to give us a good pat on the back. What was yours?!

Well, after hearing about it over and over, we just kept drooling over how good it he finally sent me over the recipe, and wow girls, this thing is DELICIOUS. If you are a chocolate lover, get ready….



  • 1 (14.3 OZ) Pack of Oreos
  • * Save 4 out for topping the cake
  • 2 Stick of Unsalted Butter?
  • 1 14 oz can of Borden's Condensed Milk?
  • 1 Half Gallon of Vanilla Ice Cream (middle size)?
  • 16 oz of Hershey's Syrup?
  • 1 8 oz Container of  Cool Whip


  1. Take the entire pack of Oreos (minus 4, which will be used at the end to top the cake), put them in a ziplock bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
  2. Melt down 1 stick of butter and mix together with crushed Oreos to make a pie crust substance
  3. Layer that into the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish.
  4. Put the pan into the freezer for 30 minutes to let Oreos and butter harden into a crust.
  5. While that is in freezer, take the half gallon of plain vanilla flavored ice cream (your favorite brand will work great), and let that sit on the counter for 20-30 minutes. You want the ice cream to melt so you can spread it easily on the next layer.
  6. Take your Oreo crust out of the freezer along with your softened ice cream and spread an even layer of the softened ice cream across the crust (crushed Oreos/butter). Make sure to seal all of the edges.
  7. Once an even layer is smooth, put it back in the freezer for another 30 minutes.
  8. While that is freezing, get a medium saucepan. You are going to melt down 1 stick of butter, the Hershey’s syrup, and condensed milk, and whisk together to make a fudge like liquid consistency.
  9. Let the fudge mixture cool. Once cooled, pull ice cream out of freezer and pour sauce mix on top ice cream.
  10. Put that back in the freezer for atleast 30 minutes or overnight if possible, depending on when you are serving it.
  11. Once the fudge is frozen, take it out of the freezer, then spread an even layer of Cool Whip over the top, then put it back in the freezer (yes I know, you will be getting your steps back and forth from the freezer, so have that Apple Watch on).
  12. Take 4 leftover Oreos, gently break them up, and add them as a topping to make it pretty.
  13. Put it in the freezer for however long until you serve it.
  14. ENJOY!

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March 27, 2019



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You left out what to do with the other stick of butter. I assume mix it with the 6 oreos for the crust.

Reply to  Erica

Yes, so sorry about that! It is now updated with the correct info!

Rachel Ford

Reread your recipe. Something is definitely wrong in #1-2. Only use 6 Oreos for the crust and where is the butter? I think you need to remake this and adjust. The chocolate layer needs to go on much later than 30 minutes after the ice cream layer has gone on. Also, something is not right with the CoolWhip step. There is not enough CoolWhip to cover the entire thing and it doesn’t spread well. It probably needs to melt a bit first.

Reply to  Rachel Ford

Hey girl! Thank you for letting me know. So sorry about that, the correctly updated recipe did not transfer over! This one is now good to go!


My crust stuck so bad to the pan. Other than that this is the BEST recipe. My kids said it’s the best ice cream cake they’ve ever tasted. What’s the best solution to keep the crust from sticking to the pan?

Reply to  Amanda

Sorry to hear about the crust, but so happy you liked it! A non-stick pan or cooking spray should help.

Heather Jackson

My mother used to make this!!!! I think she took the whites out of the Oreos be fore crushing and crumbled that as a layer!


A hit at our July 4th party. Will definitely make again. Thanks!

Reply to  Iara

Yay so happy to hear that!! ❤️

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