We’re almost there people!! Who else is on their 100th pine scented candle this season?! Do you have your shopping completed? Wrapping? All the things? Today I wanted to share with you a few recipes I’ve posted in the past to get you thinking of Christmas morning. Often times, you hustle and bustle your way to the 25th and totally forget that people have to eat! Something that I’ve always always done for Christmas morning breakfast is bake different casseroles. That way, I can prepare it all the night before. So below I have the most delicious egg casserole and french toast bake. I say do both to make sure the savory + sweet boxes are checked off. And in true Landyn fashion, I wanted to give you guys options and the eggnog french toast is something special to do as well. But if your family is one that goes straight for the presents, a bake might be your best bet!



eggnog french toast | bagel casserole | french toast bake| cheesy bacon egg casserole 

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December 18, 2018



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I’ve made all of these for baby showers/bridal showers and they are all delicious!! Huge hit, and very easy!

Debbie Lewis

Can’t seem to connect to these Christmas recipes! Are they still available? Thank you!!!

Reply to  Debbie Lewis

I was also unable to get to the bagel casserole recipe I had bookmarked and pinned. I’ve made it in the past and it was delicious. Hoping to make it again soon if you’re able to share the recipe again.

Reply to  livingwithland

Yikes! Still not up……plannig for Christmas! Please fix.


I can’t seem to connect to these receipes as well as the ones you did on your video with Betza can you please direct me on how to get them. Thank you Landyn

Reply to  kathleen

Let me see if I can get this figured out for you!

Amanda Smith

I’m unable to pull the recipes 🙁

Reply to  Amanda Smith

Hi Amanda! Give it a try now!

Molly McHenry

I too am not able to connect to the Christmas morning recipes.. will they be available elsewhere?

Reply to  Molly McHenry

Hi Molly!

See if this is working for you!

Veronica Collier

The link is not working for these fabulous recipes! Planning list for Christmas. Any chance you could check it out? ((hugs))


I just check on my end and they seem to be working! Give it one more try and let me know if you are still having issues!

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