Hi Friends!

I’m super excited about today’s episode! I am talking about something I absolutely LOVE doing and get so many questions about…… entertaining!

Yup! You guys know I am ALL about it! But! Here’s the thing – entertaining is fun when it’s simple. Not when you have to spend hours prepping and hours cleaning-up.

Whether you love entertaining, hate it, are intimidated by it- it doesn’t matter, because today I’m going to help you achieve rock-star status through simplicity!

Ready for this? I am giving you my 5 entertaining rules-to-live by AND 4 recipes – each with only 3 ingredients! It really doesn’t get much simpler than this!

We are going to cover:

  • My tips for getting over the fear of entertaining (hint- just do it!)
  • How to ‘crash clean’ not deep clean
  • The easiest and most delicious recipes that I make on repeat when entertaining
  • How to arrange grocery store flowers to look like an arrangement from a florist

So, just do it! Just call your friends and invite them over and let me fill you in how to do the rest. I want to help take the overwhelm and hassle out of entertaining for you, while still helping you to achieve that easy, wow-factor. And, I hope this episode will do just that!

Chat soon!




Here are some of my favorite Cocktail Recipes!

Here are some of my favorite Hosting Items from LWL Online Store!

Here is my go-to cheese option!
Here are the recipes we chatted about!

June 19, 2020

Ep 10: All Things Entertaining – 5 Rules, 4 Recipes, 3 Ingredients


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